Typical Day

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A typical session with Avel Char

Following your booking, we wait for you 15 minutes before the beginning of your session.

A must-have for you safety : the team will give you an helmet and gloves if needed.

The instructor will talk about the weather, the sand yacht, safety and driving on the strand.

At the end of the briefing, you will get into your sand yacht and the instructor will check your position before going on the marked path.

At the end of the session,  the instructor will be here to accompany you until you stop the sand yacht.

char à voile saint-malo

The Session

Session, Course, Safety
well-organised for a pleasant moment

You will have the choice between :


1 - The one hour session for those who want to discover the marked path independently on a one or a two-seater sand yacht to share a fun moment your family of your friends.


2 - To improve yourself outside the introduction path, the Avel center of sand yacht can organise a one hour and a half session or a 2 hours session to discover the bay of Mont Saint-Michel with a monitor. If the weather is not good, we propose another path in order to study how to drive with the wind.


The course will be materialized by studs and flags, facilitating the driving of the sand yacht. A stop zone will be materialized to avoid any risk during the traffic.

The content of the sessions will always be adapted to the public, so as to provide quick sensations of driving, a source of pleasure and to transmit the main principles of the activity.

To ensure an ideal security, it is necessary to be located near the walkers present on the shore. In consequences, the position of the reception on the car park allows an optimal communication, leading to a compromise between pedestrians and our activity. Indeed, the activity takes place on a public site, priority remains for pedestrians.

For that purpose, the routes must be arranged so that the user of the shore can cohabit with us. The course will be highlighted by the use of tags.

char à voile saint-malo

The activity

Escape, Sensation, Freedom
Inside the activity

The introduction and the discovery of sand yacht aim to teach beginners how to drive safely for the user but also for the others, through the speed control and the direction of the sand yacht. Users must adapt the speed of their sand yacht according to the possible circumstances.


The certificate must transcribe the safety rules for a good sand yacht session. It also has to determinate the technical vocabulary of the activity to create a specific and common language. It is important to keep a safety margin for each action taken. It is important to study theweather conditions to anticipate the evolution of the route. By adapting ourselves permanently to the public and the environment, the certificate builds its path and its session.


This is why the change of tack is always made in direction of the sand and the jibing towards the sea. The jibing is a change of tack with the back to the wind which is difficult for the beginner. And the change of tack is made facing the wind. This position facing the wind is a way to stop progressively its sand yacht because the sail is no more propulsive which allows a better control. The stop area is located at the buoy where you can do your change of tack.

Moreover, a parallel circuit can be installed to respect the improvement of each person and guarantee the safety. The monitor must check that nobody is in the leeward area of the circuit because this is where the sand yacht can go if the driver looses control.

char à voile saint-malo