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Who are we?

Avel Sand Yachting Center

AVEL Sand yachting

After many reflections and a real project of personal and professional life, the "AVEL" structure was created in April 2004. It is a private company, affiliated and approved by the French Federation of June 2004, a guarantee of quality of life. structure. Indeed, it allows it to participate and represent the federal life in the same way as an association (sale of licenses, organization of events ...). The structure is composed of two co-managers involved in equal shares and fully invested in the development of the sand yachting activity in Mont St Michel bay on the Hirel strike.

The center of sand yachting offers its services to every actor of the sports movement, national education, works councils, the social movement, the private sector, centers of accommodation, leisure and holidays ...

Today, with its experience of more than 10 years of supervision and organization, the AVEL school offers more than a baptism of sand yachting but rather a discovery of sensations in an environment to be protected and privileged in Baie du mont saint Michel on the strike of HIREL

The team of AVEL Sand yachting will be happy to welcome you all year round, on the beach of HIREL 3rue of the seaside 35120 (Ille et vilaine) in the bay of Mont Saint Michel in Brittany, place of the largest tides in Europe.