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Stage school holidays 8-12 years

Wind weeks

From Monday to Friday, from 11 am to 12.30 pm, your children will learn how to read the weather and winds, coastal areas, tidal influences, safety rules, pilot techniques to acquire a first stage of autonomy.

  The certified instructor will hand over the pilot's booklet, certifying the level acquired.

       - Price: 125 € for 7h30 of sitting

       - Insurance included

       - Information and booking

By e-mail: avelchar@laposte.net

By phone: Johann +336.


       - Sportswear

       - Equipment supplied: helmets, gloves and overalls.

       - Meeting 15mn before the session

       - Starting : April, 4th

       - 12 children maximum per course

       - Open for a minimum of 5 children